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Nick Baumgart is a passionate advocate for the awareness and growth that the Enneagram unlocks. Whether your goals are personal, professional, or relational, Nick's focus is on the entire person, with the understanding that health and strength is holistic.

Get started with a one-to-one typing interview!

Step one is discovering your type structure. Let me help.

    An individual approach to every individual.

    Powerful development through the Enneagram

    Development Packages

    Because I believe that true change comes from long-term commitment,
    I provide significant discounts for committing to continued growth.

    Quick Start

    4 hours of coaching
    Dive in to the Enneagram, and gain insight and awareness to how your type structure is impacting your life right now.
    Typing Interview
    4 coaching sessions
    "Next Steps" Conversation

    The 80/20

    12 hours of coaching
    The 80/20 principle states you get 80% of the growth for the first 20% of your effort. Let's get that first 80.
    Typing Interview
    12 coaching sessions
    3 Support emails per month

    The Deep End

    25 hours of coaching
    Explore the big stuff. Committing to the Enneagram in your life provides the chance for deep, fundamental growth.
    Typing Interview
    25 coaching sessions
    4 Support emails per month

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