About Nick

Always Forward

Passion for People

More than 20 years ago, Nick stepped in to his first role as a guide, a voice, and a leader in the wake of a tragedy. He has been pursuing the growth of others in varying capacities ever since.

Nick is passionate about the power of the Enneagram, both in his own life and in those he works with. Watching his clients' "veil get lifted" through the awareness of the silent impact of their Enneagram type structure inspires and energizes his work every day. Lasting change, true self-awareness, and authentic understanding of others all come from exploration of the Enneagram, and that exploration is Nick's passion.

After a lifetime of experience with personal guidance, and years of training by Enneagram authorities, Nick spends his life connecting with, and coming along side the people the works with to help find the way to truth, growth, and happiness.

An individual approach to every individual.

Powerful development through the Enneagram

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