Professional Team Training

Effective teams are built on effective communication. Effective communication is built un self-awareness and empathy. There is no more powerful tool for developing these skill than the Enneagram.

  • Improve Communication

    Our tendency as humans, not in spite of effort, but because of it, is to try to understand one another by “putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes.” It turns out, however, that this strategy just leaves us in our shoes, guessing why someone else is feeling or acting they way they are. The Enneagram allows for true understanding of others.

  • Build Self-Awareness

    The same way that empathy and grace for others allows us to understand others, empathy and grace also allows us to understand ourselves. Unlocking the power of understanding our own type structure and emotional habit illuminates ways too improve ourselves we may have been blind to for our entire lives.

  • Effective Efficiency

    Significant, measurable, effective gains in efficiency are the inevitable result for teams committed to growth through the Enneagram. It’s nearly impossible for these results not to show up automatically when awareness of self and others has taken root in your team.

  • Fulfilled, Happy People

    Communication, awareness, and efficiency are great. You know what’s better? Happiness. When your team feels see, heard, and valued – by other team members and themselves – it leads to real happiness, and satisfaction working with their team every day, and provides healthy structure for moving past conflicts.

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