Keynotes & Talks

Want to introduce your community, team, or group to the potential of the Enneagram? This is the best way. I’ve been speaking to groups, large and small for more than 20 years. With the right balance of information, examples, media and energetic enthusiasm, my keynotes will not only bring the Enneagram in to your people’s lives, but also spark the excitement in them to keep the journey going in the future.

  • A Different Tool

    So many of us want to improve and to change, but we often don’t have the structure to do so. The power of the Enneagram is in its nature. As opposed to other development tools, the Enneagram is a roadmap that illuminates the way, rather than sorting in to boxes.

  • Inspire Change

    The Enneagram is a resource like no other, and demonstrating it in real world, in-person examples can be stunningly powerful. The moments of breakthrough understanding that happen right before your communities eyes strikes curiosity and a desire to learn more in inspirational ways.

  • Collect Dividends

    After being introduced the the Enneagram, it’s common for communities, groups, and teams to almost instinctively communicate better, and show more understanding to each other. Once we see each other differently, we can’t help but treat each other differently.

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