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I’d been helping people find their path for years when the Enneagram entered my life. It fundamentally changed my entire perspective on myself and others, and brought clarity to the true nature of our human existence. My Enneagram coaching will help you discover the real you, the areas you can grow, and the objective nature of situations in your life. Once you’re aware of the impact of your emotional habit, solution-focused growth becomes possible, and the steps forward reveal themselves.

  • Know Yourself

    The Enneagram is a scaffold, a roadmap, to understanding yourself. We all have a type structure that colors everything we see and feel, and emotional habits that we fall back to in our actions. Becoming aware of your type structure and how it colors your life helps lead to true, deep, self-awareness.

  • Understand Others

    Once you have knowledge of the filter that’s placed over your heart, mind and life, it’s possible to understand others more authentically and empathetically. It also unlocks your ability to connect with people of all types, even those that have been challenging to you in the past.

  • Authentic Knowledge

    Unlike other tools of self-discovery, the Enneagram doesn’t pigeon-hole, or categorize who you are as a person. The Enneagram doesn’t try to tell you who you are, or what you are. The fundamental difference with the Enneagram is that it starts with you, rather than a pre-defined box to put your complexities in.

  • Transform Yourself

    We will work together to work through the big picture understanding of your type structure and how it impacts your life. We’ll also talk through specific issues and challenges in your life and address them head-on through the understanding of your emotional habits. From there, we can find awareness of the true nature of situations, divorced from your own filters. In clarity of truth, the answers to even the most difficult situations tend to become immediately clear.

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